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Learn Tango Easy and Fast
like a Pro

Are you feeling confused about the movements and technique of tango?

Do you struggle with finding comprehensive and organized information on tango dancing?

Are you tired of trying to piece together bits and pieces of information from various sources?

Do you want to learn all the important steps and techniques, but find it difficult to keep up in a fast-paced class environment?

This book offers a clear and detailed guide to improve your dance skills and increase your confidence on the dance floor.

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to tango? Do you want to master the figures, ganchos and sacadas of this passionate dance? Then, our book is perfect for you! This book covers everything you need to know about the steps, figures, and adornments of tango and shows you the endless possibilities you can explore on the dance floor. With its clear and detailed focus, our book will help you improve your dance skills and increase your confidence in tango. Don't miss the opportunity to have the definitive guide to tango in your hands!

This is your moment to improve your tango skills! This book is the key to achieving your goals as a dancer. With over 400 pages filled with essential knowledge explained in an easy-to-understand manner and with illustrations, you will finally have everything you need in one book. You won't have to search for scattered information from different sources, this book offers everything you need to improve your skills and increase your confidence in tango. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and make tango an integral part of your life!




The Most Important Ones


Organized by Levels, Alphabetically, and All Its Possibilities


Analytically Organized and Its Possibilities


Characteristics and How to Dance Them


Rhythm and Melody for Dancers


All Musicians, Orchestras, and Singers


Of Tango and its Eras


Of the Milonga

Welcome to
The Tango Book

Get organized and access your knowledge whenever you need it. This book is the key to becoming an expert in tango. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, this book will help you organize everything you know and answer the questions you've always had. With a didactic analysis and classification by levels, this book shows you everything you need to know about tango figures, steps, and adornments. Get your copy today and start your journey to becoming a tango expert!

Hello! I'm Carlos, author of THE TANGO BOOK, and I want to welcome you to this great Tango community.

Before anything, let me ask you something. On a scale from 1 to 10, how important do you think it is to know all the elements of the Tango dance?
Have you thought about it already?


If you said any number below 10, I want you to know that it is proven that nothing can make you happier and more creative than knowing all the elements of the dance and having them organized.

Although you may have a lot of experience, accumulated knowledge, and even be a professional or advanced dancer or teacher, you will never be truly fulfilled if you don't have total and organized knowledge of the existing steps and movements. I know this because during a long stage of my life, I was also on that same search.

Yes, I thought that if I attended classes and seminars, private lessons, and tried my best, it would be enough to become an expert. I was always a good student, taking notes of all the knowledge I learned and putting it into practice. But then I realized that something was missing.

When I started teaching classes, that feeling persisted. I had great knowledge, but I lacked feeling like I had it organized. Although the knowledge and possibilities in the dance are infinite, I realized that I needed a book that allowed me to develop my own method, a system to evolve, to accompany me and give me wings.

Finally, I recognized that I lacked a structured knowledge. That while my knowledge, intuition, and feelings guided my dance, to be truly fulfilled and the protagonist of my own art, I had to dedicate myself to the arduous task of organizing all existing knowledge into one single reference manual.

That's where my story began.

I started reading all the Tango history books and dance books that I could find. I spent years reading material that would help me organize all the knowledge. All of this added to my pedagogy knowledge, due to my university education as a Visual Arts Teacher.

I also wanted it to be a clear and easy-to-understand book, and the hardest part: with drawings that were explanatory and artistic at the same time, a difficult balance to achieve.

The challenges were many. I had to select all the movements, then organize them by difficulty levels and alphabetically, then explain them in written and detailed form, something unprecedented, and then draw them. And all of this organized in a way that is easy to understand, that accompanies each person's growth, personal evolution, and gives freedom.

After seven years of intense work, this book has opened the doors to a full enjoyment of dance, history, music, and connection and interaction with others.

I hope you enjoy with all your senses this philosophy and this art of deep connection. The invitation to this world is open, now it's time to enjoy and create.

Un fuerte abrazo tanguero,

Carlos Dall'Asta

About the Author

Carlos Dall'Asta is a tango teacher and visual artist based in Athens. With a Master's degree in Painting from the National University of Arts in Argentina and a successful career as a dancer with over 25 years in the industry, Carlos is a leader in linking the art of dance with visual art.

His personal style of expressionism focuses on portraiture and the dynamics of the human figure, and his artistic journey is influenced by the synergy between movement and the dynamic of the artistic language. As the founder of Danzarin, one of the most important tango dance schools in Greece, Carlos has been invited to participate in theaters, dance exhibitions, and festivals, including "Dancing with the Stars."

But his true masterpiece is his manual "THE TANGO BOOK". This one-of-a-kind book, available in Spanish, English, and Greek, is the first comprehensive and organized method for learning all about Argentine Tango. Carlos has barought together all the figures, steps, and adornments of tango in one place, classified by difficulty levels to guide the reader on their path to perfection.

"THE TANGO BOOK" is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning about Argentine Tango. With a clear and direct approach, Carlos teaches you everything you need to know to become an experienced and sophisticated dancer. This manual is an investment that will last a lifetime. Don't wait any longer and get your copy today!

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